Get ready to embrace the laughter and spread the joy with "Laugh Factory 2023: A Collection of 450 Best, Worst, and Terrible Dad Jokes!" This e-book will guarantee a side-splitting experience for everyone, making it the perfect gift for Father's Day. 

Available across multiple platforms, you can access these rib-tickling jokes from the comfort of your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Prepare for an uproarious adventure into the world of dad humor!

This is why you want this e-book full of Dad jokes

Perfect gift for
Father's Day

Surprise your dad with a gift that will make him burst into laughter and create unforgettable memories.

Premium Comedy Selection

Immerse yourself in handpicked, hilarious dad jokes from 2023, ensuring maximum hilarity and endless entertainment.

Extensive Variety

Enjoy a wide variety of dad jokes, including the best, most hilarious, and worst jokes for every sense of humor.

Available on Any Device

Enjoy the jokes anytime, anywhere, on your preferred device, whether you're at home, on the go, or sharing a laugh with friends and family.

Quick and Easy Access

Download or read online for immediate immersion in the world of dad jokes, effortlessly accessing a wealth of laughter.

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Number of Dad jokes

450 Dad jokes

Print length

93 pages



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Some customer reviews

Just perfect!

Perfect for those with “dad joke” sense of humor. I got both my dad and husband one and they go back and forth all the time. Hilarious

Husband loves it!

My Husband takes this book out everytime we have guests over. Lol great conversation starter.

Best $6 ever spent

Got this for my husband while he recovered from surgery. The jokes are indeed groan worthy but, it has kept him entertained! No regrets!

Great gift for dads

My daughter got this for her dad for Father’s Day. He is always telling them jokes so this is the perfect gift for him.

Super fun!

I bought this to tell jokes at my workplace! So far I’ve been telling one joke every morning and it always makes my coworkers groan in “pain” at how punny these jokes are.

Great gift for dads

My daughter got this for her dad for Father’s Day. He is always telling them jokes so this is the perfect gift for him.

So much fun

We bought this for my husband. My girls and he sit and laugh for hours while reading the book.

Love Love Love

These are totally hilarious and DEFINITELY dad jokes!!

Perfect gift

Bought it as a gag gift for a buddy of mine. I sat and read some of it, I’m thinking of buying my own. Lots of total dad jokes.

Fun dad gift

Jokes are really good! Makes the whole family laugh. Good dad gift for any occasion.

You'll hate that they love it

This is a great book. SO funny!


These jokes are much better than my husband's jokes.

The gift that keeps on giving!

Bought this for my husband for his first Christmas as a dad. Just a stocking stuffer. Thought it would go on a shelf. Nope. Now I get to hear horrible dad jokes every day.

Full of Dad jokes. True Dad jokes.

This book is full of true ,terrible Dad jokes and we had fun with them all. When you don't know what else to get for the Dad that has everything. Very giftable and I would buy again!

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